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LinkStep R&D Tax Services

"I think there is a world market for maybe five computers." - Thomas Watson, Chairman of IBM, in 1943.

IBM's outlook for research and development (R&D) has since moved on to prove that statement was on shaky ground. One fact is certain - IBM would never have evolved to be the company it is now without investing in the development of both new and existing technologies.

R&D Tax Relief, R&D Tax Credits, and the new R&D Expenditure Credit schemes are collectively the largest Government mechanism designed to deliver much-needed cash to industry, which is where LinkStep R&D Tax Services can help.

The executive team has been collectively involved in over £200million of R&D claims since 2002, a statistic not many competitors will have to their record. We also have international links to R&D firms in Europe, Australia and the US.

Having the right people to compile your claim ensures that you are accessing the full potential whilst also ensuring the claim is defensible against any HMRC enquiry.

The LinkStep team has worked on claims for small software development houses to large-scale manufacturers, soup development to F1 motorsport technology. It is fair to say that our expertise in the field of R&D tax is hard to match.


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