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Marc Mann
Senior Engineering Consultant

Marc works within LinkStep as a technical analyst, conducting technical interviews with clients and compiling the documentation vitally needed to support engineering R&D claims.

He brings a wealth of engineering skills and experience to the table in order to leverage, understand and analyse activities against the BIS (DTI) Guidelines on the definition of R&D for tax purposes.

Marc’s range of ‘hands-on’ experience in R&D engineering based activities is uncompromised. As well as having a BSc in Product Design, he has gained over 20 years of industry experience. Marc has worked in areas that include product and manufacturing research, design and development across a diverse range of industries that include automotive, industrial mechanical/structural, lighting, audio-visual and renewables.

“Engineering and manufacturing industries have struggled in recent years in the UK. R&D Tax Relief/Credits can help provide the much-needed financial stimulus that can fundamentally change the direction of a company. If you are attempting to solve technical challenges, whether that be in developing products, manufacturing techniques, services, or internal technical processes; if the solutions are not readily derived, you may be entitled to a cash incentive from the Government. Ask LinkStep and we will provide unbiased professional advice and ensure you maximise your potential.”

 Electro/Mechanical Engineering, Automotive Engineering, Manufacturing, Process/Change Management, R&D Tax Relief/Credits.