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Our Approach

  • 1. Free Consultation Scoping Meetings

    1. Free Consultation Scoping Meetings

    We hold an initial meeting with you, by phone or in person, to investigate the scope of your project work. We look to understand your company in more detail and hold discussions about your development. The outcome of this phase will be clarity as to whether or not there will be a strong case for an R&D claim. If there is viable scope, LinkStep can calculate an estimate of the potential net cash benefit.

  • 2. Technical Meetings

    2. Technical Meetings

    Once the high level scope has been identified, LinkStep meet with your technical staff to further interpret and identify the potentially qualifying R&D activities. Our technologists speak directly to technical staff or contractors (as required) to gain an understanding of development procedures and obtain the appropriate project information. This phase will also investigate the qualifying boundaries of the development activities and establish a methodology behind the claim that will also link to the cost extraction. As part of this process, LinkStep will provide training sessions so that your staff can understand the definition of R&D for tax purposes, and how it applies to their work.

  • 3. Compilation of the Technical Report and Claim Document

    3. Compilation of the Technical Report and Claim Document

    Using the information collected at the technical meetings, our technologists will produce a report detailing the qualifying R&D projects and the basis of their qualification. This report forms a key part of the claim document and it is therefore vital that your technical staff review the report for its factual accuracy.

  • 4. Cost Identification and Extraction

    4. Cost Identification and Extraction

    We will work with your finance teams to identify and extract the eligible expenditure for the qualifying projects. The qualifying costs and the methodology behind these are documented to help support a claim. We can advise on the most cost-effective and pragmatic approach to assembling this information, and present it in a form acceptable to HMRC.

  • 5. Final Claim Report, Review and Submission

    5. Final Claim Report, Review and Submission

    Once the costs have been collated and analysed, LinkStep compiles a full claim document that will house the technical report, provide background information and explain the methodology used to calculate the qualifying expenditure. There is also a separate section dedicated to the financial analysis. The final claim document, including the technical report, is then passed to you for a full review prior to submission to HMRC. In parallel to the update that is required on the company tax return undertaken by your accountant or finance function, LinkStep will submit your claim to HMRC.

  • 6. Agreement with HMRC

    6. Agreement with HMRC

    Using our experience, we can negotiate with HMRC on your behalf to resolve any points of difficulty as required, all as part of our contingent fee. We are proud to say that we have always succeeded in securing R&D tax claims for our clients, even on the rare occasion when an HMRC enquiry has occurred.