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Paul Mann
Managing Director


“I’ve made it my job to work with a wide range of business people, from managers, developers, engineers, business owners, to directors, partners and entrepreneurs, in order to secure R&D tax relief/credit claims in all types of industries.

My main focus is to bring real business value to our clients and their accountants.”

Paul heads up the commercial side of LinkStep and also manages our team of technologists. He is responsible for the overall technology assessment of a claim. Everyone at LinkStep is ‘hands-on’ in the claim process and so Paul can regularly be seen on the client-facing side of our business.

He also manages LinkStep’s commercial alliances with partners, such as accountants and corporate introducers.

Before working in R&D tax, Paul gained BSc (Hons) in Computer Science and went on to work in a number of R&D environments. These roles included technical services manager within e-learning software development, embedded software systems developer at Nortel Networks, and a technical specialist within the R&D team at Fujifilm.

Paul then began working in R&D tax in 2005 to become a technical specialist within the KPMG R&D Tax team for several years. After a further period as a General Manager within a boutique R&D tax firm he went on to form LinkStep R&D Tax Services in 2011.

“I am passionate that LinkStep is accessible to every type of business that needs expert R&D tax advice.

Taxes are a fact of life, as too are the myriad of rules and complexities that come with them. These can easily take away the cash benefit of putting together an R&D claim, or worse still – put someone off from even trying!”

When Paul is not working at LinkStep, he enjoys mountain biking, scuba diving, superbikes,Malta, and walking the dog in the countryside.

Software and Information Technology, R&D Tax, Engineering, Motorsport.