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LinkStep contains some of the best people in the business to secure R&D tax credits/tax relief – with individuals from KPMG, Deloitte, SME R&D tax boutique firms, and technologists from engineering, pharmaceutical, biotechnology and software development backgrounds. We have processed claims for small software development houses, to large manufacturers, soup development to F1 motorsport technology. We are passionate about providing a high value and accessible service to any business, regardless of its size – large, medium, small or micro.

Our approach is to utilise a highly skilled multi-disciplinary team that combines the specialisms of separate technology and financial analysts – an approach that is vital to submitting a valid and fully-optimised R&D claim.

The executive team, largely originating from the KPMG R&D tax team, has been collectively involved in over £200million of R&D claims since 2002, a statistic not many competitors will have to their record. We also have international links to R&D firms in Europe, Australia and the US. LinkStep has seen rapid growth since incorporation in 2012, with the client-base doubling year on year, and as such has continued to expand.

We are offering ‘Big Four’ thinking, expertise, integrity, confidence and service, but with greater flexibility and at an affordable rate. This means that companies can enjoy a full and dedicated tailored service to meet their end-to-end requirements.

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