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Paul Mann
Managing Director

“As Managing Director and founder of LinkStep, my key principles are to bring real cash value to clients with passion and integrity, and thoroughly enjoy what I do. The part I enjoy most is that I get to work with companies to understand technology development that would normally be kept behind closed doors.

R&D tax is not your typical type of tax – it requires a combination of expert knowledge of a very niche area of tax combined with first-hand in-depth industry experience of technology development.

As a company, we work hard to bring a service with a ‘no fuss’ approach that cuts through the accountancy jargon to help long-term clients gain cash funding for their development efforts, and subsequently bring real business value – sentiments that echo throughout the LinkStep team. 

I am often also working on engagements directly, especially when the claims involve IT or software development – which was my background before moving to tax.

Prior to starting LinkStep in 2012, Paul worked within KPMG’s core R&D team in London in 2006, leading and managing software-based R&D claims. Paul then formed the LinkStep team, initially with key members from both KPMG and a specialist SME R&D boutique firm.

Paul’s background before KPMG and working in tax was in fact software development. After completing a degree in Computer Science, Paul went on to work in a number of different R&D environments. These roles included e-learning software development, embedded software systems developer at Nortel Networks, and a technical specialist within the R&D team at Fujifilm. All of these roles have continued to feed a long-term passion for technology and helping businesses grow.

When not working, Paul is a father to two beautiful children, beagle owner, an enthusiastic mountain biker and a motorbike track-day aficionado.

Software and Information Technology, R&D Tax, Engineering, Motorsport.